Poetry from Daniel De Culla

Two small preschool children peeking out from inside a giant egg sculpture.
Isabel Gomez de Diego

One morning, not very early
After cleaning up
And blow my nose
How my mom taught me
I approach a group of children
That run around the beach
Sometimes getting close to the water
To catch the waves of the sea.
Boys and girls playing
Singing “I’ll give you”:
-I’ll give you
I’ll give you beautiful girl
I will give you one thing
One thing I only know, coffee.
Girls, more intelligent
Speak and say:
-We represent the Beach.
You are the waves of the sea
Coming, caressing us
With kisses that pamper us
Then penetrating us
Leaving us pregnant 
And abandoning us
As a baby at the door
Of a convent.
Children, feeling shy sometimes
Speak and say:
-All men are bad
Very bad and badly interested
Because the only thing 
That matters to them
It's eating a peach.
Yes. Eat a peach
With a red heart.
The Carrion Vulture
Is the animal that portrays them
Well, corruption and money
Hypocrisy and lying
Are the carrion
They go to first.
Girls, what was the first
The egg or the she dinosaur?
Girls: -We don't know.
Our mother, one day, she told us:
-Daughters, be careful
When eating green olives
Because I got pregnant
By swallowing the pit of one.
Guys: - Life is from the egg.
Man and woman
Procreate on the ground
Like any animal.

-Daniel de Culla

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