Poetry from Daniel De Culla

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Image c/o Isabel Gomez de Diego. It’s of an older light skinned man in a plaid outfit sitting down with a young boy in a Christmas sweater putting a red nose on his face. He’s got a party hat and is in front of a table with wine and candles and glasses.


This Clown King is called King Cricket

Who fishes for trout

Under the bridge that crosses 

The Riaza river

In Torregalindo (Galindo’s Tower), Burgos.

When he can’t find what to fish

Goes looking for crickets

Reciting that funny song

From popular folklore:

“When the fox goes to crickets

The sacristan to thistles

And the clerk asks

How are we doing this month?

The three of them are screwed.”

Catching crickets is going almost always

With his precious grandson

To whom he cajoles by promising

A couple of euros if they catch one.

They usually go around the Castle

Today in ruins

Where the townspeople say

That the last one that inhabited it

Was a rich widow, Benita

Married to a profitless king

To whom people they called :

“Potato of Importance”

Together with a young barber

That se fixed her hair

From above and below

With ease and without scruples.

This widowed queen

If a man walked through her door

She came out after him with a tool

As a whetstones, saying:

-Come on, man¡

Come and enter the castle

I’ll sharpen your joint.

The man ran away

Mount down, shouting:

-I don’t know what you gain with the barber

How bad you are¡

-Daniel de Culla

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