Poetry from Daniel De Culla

Black and white photo of an older man sitting in swim shorts on a beach chair facing into the ocean.

Looking at the Marina D’Or Sea. Isabel G. de Diego’ photo.


We had left the stony beach

And very poorly maintained by Marina D’Or

Vacation City (and A shit!)

Place highly praised for corruption

Of brick and cement

And its real estate corruption

(Today, all the attractions in ruin

In permanent rehabilitation)

When, walking by the busy bar

From our apartment complex

Costa Marina II, the only one open

We saw on the street floor

A very well folded official document

From the Oropesa del Mar City Council

Which said: “Annulment of Fine.”

My wife’s curiosity forced mine’s

Making me bend over for the document

To see what it said

And my knees hurt a lot.

I already started to bend down

I grabbed it ¡

When I open it, what a big disgust!

The document contained a dog shit!

What, for me, put me back

And to my wife throw the shitty paper

Until it reaches the other sidewalk.

Oh my mother of the soul!

When the paper falls to the ground

An excellent glow

We saw shit come out of the dog shit

Accompanied by some fly that told us

Thinking that the complaint was ours:

-Don’t fear, you have someone to defend you

Marina D’Or was already born under a bad star.

For its ruined attractions

And their new fake Magic World Resort

Don’t be sorry.

-Daniel de Culla

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