Poetry from Dave Douglas

The Novelty of i

The novelty of i
The latest smart phone
Absent of why
Just follow the drone

The novelty of reason
Without reply
What’s still in season?
The novelty of i

i am the app
i am the map

Text of interest
i may respond
i am the loudest
“Like” to correspond

i am the Like
i am the psyche

i am the spotlight
i am the limelight

The novelty of i
Promenade –
Receipt of a sigh

The stage of sound
The novelty of sky –
The ceiling of ground
The novelty of i?

The novelty of i!
The novelty of – i
The novelty – of – i
The – novelty – of – i

The soundboard
Into a lone echo
Unexplored –
The novelty is hollow

Absolute ironclad
A fool to vilify
i am my own fad
The novelty of I

Sounds of new
Thoughts from you
Grasping two
And then a few …

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