Poetry from Davronbekova Sevinch

Central Asian teen girl with straight black hair behind her head. She's in a white collared shirt and a black vest.

            Broken trust

When we trust with a pure heart, 
They always find a way to break it. 
Maybe my heart is a piece of art, 
So sometimes I try to fake it. 

Trust is something fragile, 
Never touch it, please! 
Do not be with it agile, 
You can hold it a squeeze. 

My trust is not for sale, 
No money is able to buy
Something that has been broken inside, 
It is priceless compared to your lies. 

Hundreds of years are not enough
To earn a broken trust once more. 
It could be obviously tough
To treat a person to the core. 

It takes a second to lose
All the trust you have earned before, 
Even tons of excuses
Can't take back it anymore.
                   ✍️Davronbekova Sevinch

I was born on September 13, 2006 in the city of Urgench Khorezm region. Currently, I am a student of the 11th grade of the 18th school. I have been attending the bead decoration at the Barkamol Avlod children's school for 3 years. In this direction, I have been taking pride of place in regional and international competitions. Every week I will be a guest on Khorezm television. I have many more dreams in the future.

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