Poetry from Dildora Toshtemirova

Central Asian teen girl with long dark hair and brown eyes and a small necklace. She's wearing a dark floral blouse and is in front of trees and people at night.

I shut my eyes in silence
Will these pains remain?
If I don't talk, I'll keep quiet
Will it give peace to sorrows

Or say good people
I have bad pains
A lot of things are heard
The nights when I can't find an answer

Or is that life
Grief is made of worry
Good days are coming
Armon contacted me

 Toshtemirova Dildora Hakim qizi . Born in Uzbekistan on October 9, 2008

One thought on “Poetry from Dildora Toshtemirova

  1. Armon will be my next “guru”. I begin to root with him thanks to your verses. Who is Armon?

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