Poetry from Dr. Maheshwar Das


You are altogether a wonderful damsel
Like a shed of flowers over me
So much soothing and ecstatic
Like a rain of moonshine splendour.
So much full of lovely-look like butterflies.
Ever  charming like the songs of a cuckoo
Endless love and timeless beauty have embraced you.
Your sweet embrace is life-giving
And voice is like a boisterous brook.
That flows dancing and jumping on solid rock.
Life has become a miraculous beauty for you.
Your endless love has surround  me from all sides.
It has glorified my mind
And filled me with unforgettable memories.


The pangs and pain still vibrating the air.
The hilltop was tinged and soaked with blood.
The sun hid away in shame, not to face, the cruel act.
Thus the darkness descends swiftly
Although, it was mid-day, in fact
The barbarians never left him to nail down
In his foot, palm, heart and waste.

There was tremendous roaring of the wind
The wind could not bear the torturous work.
There was a cry all over nature.
The butchers finished their works
Took away the clothes even, leaving him
almost half-naked.
Jesus prayed to the Almighty to bless the sinners

After hours
Jesus again came back with golden colours
Blessed the miscreants who were no more.
He blessed  all, the depressed and deprived souls
Nature changed again.
There were scents of flowers and greenery all around 
Nature was filled   with fragrances sweet and soft
Zephyr began to blow
Few of the blessed saints could see the resurrection
of Jesus
Jesus blessed the whole of mankind.
And left for the heavenly abode.


Oh, Spring
With an intermittent  symphony 
As the sweet spell of cuckoo comes
From the dense trees
I remember you.

At dawn, when the soft sunshine touches the earth with beauty so bare
I remember you.

When birds-flock fly in the sky with so much glee
Leaving the foot print of their chorus  in the wide sky
I remember you.

Often seeing the bees and butterflies
in the lush green bush at my
barn, I know, you have arrived with all your splendour and beauty.
I remember  you.

When I see the vernal beauty
With  so many flower- bunch hanging in the  creepers and trees 
And there is festival  of flowers  and hues.
I remember you

My heart  thrills  with  joy in your  presence,
I remember the Almighty  for  this beautiful arrangement  for his creation.

Thy Songs Divine

Something thrilled the whole being
The sky and earth resonated
With the sound of your flute moving from sphere to sphere.
Thousand years have passed 
Yet, the voice of your flute is still creating sensation beyond reason.
Enlivening  the hearts of zillions, with celestial joy and splendor.

Still, your memory is so vibrant everywhere in space
Even, the story of your love and the teaching of Gita on the battlefield
Propitiates the dry heart like charging again with beauty and ecstasy.
In the lane and bylanes  of cities and villages
The subtle vibration persists in the minds of the people
The story of celestial love is alive like a radiant ray.

Thy legacy, thy teaching, thy love
Is a symbol and shining elixir of life.
Thy vibration of the teaching of the Gita is still an aspiring flame in the heart of all the Yogis, seers and seekers
The flame of the message of the Gita is the shining sermon of the world. 
Everywhere thy voice is heard as sweet melody
of life, enlivening the whole world.
Thy sublime message is the elixir of life zillions in the world

In the desolate sands of Yamuna
On the wide roads of Mathura 
And under shady fragrant groves of Brindavan
In all the dusts of Gopa Pura
Everywhere is heard; thy voice, thy flute.
Oh Lord, your flute is the symphony everywhere.
As a symbol and sign
The whole vast space is  filled with verses of your love 
And your love for the  whole creation

Thousands of years have passed
Yet, zillions are moved by the love and  songs of the divine  
The enchanting chanting of the sermons of human life. 

Dr. Maheswar Das
He is a bilingual poet, translator, editor, and story writer. He writes in English and in the Odia language.

He has been pursuing his creative writing for the last twenty years and has authored more than one thousand English poems. All of his poetical exposition centers around Nature, God, love, and relationships. Some of his poems have been translated into international languages. He has co-authored three English anthologies of poems with his two friends.  Besides he is the co-author of more than fifty English anthologies of poems of many literary groups.

He holds the degree of M.A. in both Economics and History. He has accomplished a Ph.D.  degree in sociology from Utkal University. He also holds a law degree from M.S. Law College, Cuttack. He hails from Mallipur in the district of Cuttack, Odisha, India.

His English poems have been published in several national and international journals and Anthologies and have gained worldwide appreciation. He has received so many accolades from various national and international literary groups. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal award from the World Union of Poets, Rome.

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