Poetry from Dr. Maheshwar Das

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Dr. Maheshwar Das

In this meadow full  of swampy land.
Adorned with mountains trees, grass, flowers and salubrious evening air.
The sky was looking so glorious  tinged with golden color 
It was a nice evening mesmerized with wild flowers. 

Meanwhile the moon appeared in  the sky with  million smiles.
The fringe sky looked glimmered with  moonshine.
Slowly the moonshine wrapped  the whole  ambiance. 
Every beings lighted and delighted with  the soft moonlight.

The tall trees of the meadows looked beautiful  and meditative. 
A rapt silence reigned in that realm of beauty. 
In the meantime the rustle of the leaves resonated the air. 
There  was whisper of enchanting fragrance  in the  air.

Then rose the crickets that remained hidden in the grass. 
They started  their  hymn in that  enchanting  glade.
Prevailed there a beauty and blissful  air.
Reverberated the meadows with the songs and whisper of night so fair.

Dr. Maheswar  Das


Morning  descends with  million  smiles and blessings of eternity. 
The enormous all- pervading  sunshine sprinkles and makes the  entire ambiance colourful.  
The dew-sprawling-grass field looks glamourous and colorful.
The blade of grass dazzles carrying the dew drops in its breast.

The morning breeze enthralls all beings with  an amazing  touch of happiness. 
The chorus of bird-flocks in the  sky enlivens all beings with an infinite peace
The valley  looks  colorful  carrying the tall trees under the enchanting sky
The woodland whispers with glee carrying the enormous shades of  clouds.

The tall mountains of  the valley kiss the clouds with so much ecstasy in their eyes.
The buzzing of the bees and butterflies makes the land a paradisal look.
The narrow brook that flows in the valley carries  the songs of the cuckoo in an enchanting way.
The sky lark and other song birds spread their music spell unheard  of anything of the woods.

The morning  resonate with the  musing of nature seems meditative .
The rapt reverie of valley  is often broken by songs of  birds.

Dr. Maheswar Das


Like lightning, you are the spark in everything
The energy in all beings 
How futile is it to cling to matter always. 
How long we will remain as a slave of matter 
Not master
Never greedy to go up
Leaving the dense gross, ascending  to subtle 
How  much inert is our intellect 

Oh Lord  
Raise our consciousness
From darkness to enlightenment 
Make us free from the  bondage of gross matter
for a upward journey From mortality to immortality 
From darkness to light 
From matter to divine
For, immense resplendent 
light is beckoning from far beyond 

Dr.Maheswar  Das


Oh delightful golden daffodils
Oh messenger of spring
As I behold you for the first time in the garden green
I fell in love with your mesmerizing beauty
To me, you are a golden love flower of heaven
As l see you, my mind thinks of the spring season
I  look all  around to see the presence of spring
With your arrival, spring has already set in
With all its splendor and glee.

Under the radiant purple sunshine
I  see you in the meadows
You are dancing and swinging in the zephyr
Your fragrance lifted me to the realm of heavenly joy and cheer
Heaven's beauty has nestled in your soft gaze.

How beautifully almighty has wrought you.
How beautiful is your whisper
How enchanting is your serenity and beauty that cheers all
How beautiful is your fragrance that attracts all poets  and viewers
In vale and meadows, your fragrance stirs the air.
Your presence makes the ambiance colorful

Dr. Maheswar Das

Dr. Maheswar Das
He is a bilingual poet, translator, editor, and story writer. He writes in English and the Odia language.

He has been pursuing his creative writing for the last twenty years and has authored more than one thousand English poems. All of his poetical exposition centers around Nature, God, love, and relationships. Some of his poems have been translated into international languages. He has co-authored three English anthologies of poems with his two friends.  Besides he is the co-author of more than fifty English anthologies of poems of many literary groups.

He holds the degree of M.A. in both Economics and History. He has accomplished a Ph.D.  degree in sociology from Utkal University. He also holds a law degree from M.S. Law College, Cuttack. He hails from Mallipur in the district of Cuttack, Odisha, India.

His English poems have been published in several national and international journals and Anthologies and have gained worldwide appreciation. He has received so many accolades from various national and international literary groups. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal award from the World Union of Poets, Rome.