Poetry from Dr. Prasana Kumar

Middle aged South Asian man with reading glasses, a red shawl and brown patterned and buttoned vest over a white shirt. He's sitting on a couch with some books on a shelf behind him.
Dr. Kumar

Silence has a voice; listen to it
Do go down the memory lane
My time still stands erect there
Silent are my awkward moments
My silent words I face everyday
So much pain and agony dominate
The sea water keeps dead silent 
Million hidden silences beneath 
There is a silent rise in every fall
Listen to utter silence sometimes.


You tread this way everyday
I often meet you on your way
In silence we speak together
Feelings said but a few unsaid 
With a little shyness in your eyes 
And cherubic smile on your lips 
Some haughtiness in loving ire 
The butterfly and flower can't play 
You must have penned those thoughts 
Might have torn them apart many a time 
You're bashful in front of your friends 
Things of two hearts remain unread.


When I breathe none but you realize 
Every moment even if it is far away
You're mine ; can't think otherwise 
I know not how the moments 'll pass 
Miserable me ; life sans you all void 
I've come to the world for you only 
I'm leaving the whole world for you 
Clouds in the sky connect the door 
There is you in the sunny shade rains 
In the recommendations of the Lord 
Crazy me, crave to live &


How to tell you what you are to me 
We'll walk together to cross all hurdles
I 've come to you and I find myself lost 
Edges of mind 've had penalty of love 
Me standing alone in the world though 
All my nights are restless to see you 
If I don't see you ever,I 'll be nowhere 
My destination finds myself at yours 
Many miles I 've covered to fetch you 
How to tell you what you mean to me. 

Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai
(DOB 07/06/1973) is a passionate Indian Author-cum-poet while a tremendous lecturer of English by profession in the Ganjam district of Odisha.He is an accomplished source of inspiration for young generation of India .His free verse on Romantic and melancholic  poems appreciated by everyone. He belongs to a small typical village Nandiagada of Ganjam District,the state of Odisha.After schooling he studied intermediate and Graduated In Kabisurjya Baladev Vigyan Mahavidyalaya then M A in English from Berhampur University PhD in language and literature and D.Litt from Colombian poetic house from South America.He promotes his specific writings around the world literature and trades with multiple stems that are related to current issues based on his observation and experiences that needs urgent attention.He is an award winning writer who has achieved various laurels from the circle of writing worldwide.His free verse poems not only inspires young readers but also the ready of current time.His poetic symbol is right now inspiring others, some of which are appreciated by laurels of India and across the world. Many of his poems been translated in different Indian languages and got global appreciation. Lots of well wishes for his upcoming writings and success in future.He is an award winning poet author of many best seller books.Recently he is awarded Rabindra nath Tagore and Gujarat Sahitya Academy for the year 2022 from Motivational Strips . A gold medal from world union of poets France & winner of The Rahim Karim world literary prize 2023.The government of Odisha Higher Education Department appointed him as a president to Governing body of Padmashree Dr Ghanashyam Mishra Sanskrit Degree College, Kabisurjyanagar. Winner of " HYPERPOEM " GUNIESS WORLD RECORD 2023.  Recently he was awarded from SABDA literary Festival at Assam.

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