Poetry from Eva Petropolou Lianou

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Eva Petropolou Lianou

Children in West Bank...

Children of Gaza

One war and one day
The children in Gaza
They say the word
And after they say 

Childrens in Gaza
They are all tattoo their names in their arms
Because a day is too short
And maybe until the end of night 
They will become Angels

There is a whole world in the
West Bank
A kindergarten that bad dragons attack for a long time ago
Nobody helps
Nobody support
Nobody cares

The blood is cooling everywhere in Gaza
In the school
In the streets

Where the childrens supposed to play and laugh

Bombs have destroy the houses

Children in Gaza
are born heroes
from their mother's belly

Children in Gaza
They fight since they are born

Do not dare close your eyes
In this unfair reality

Don't close your eyes in this genocide

Stand up for the children of

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

How old are you?

I am a year of war and one day

And you?

I am 2 years of war and 3 days

Let's celebrate this special day, My brother and sister
Tomorrow the war will divide us

Childrens with no eyes
No legs
No ears
No smile
No faces

Childrens of Gaza
Innocent childrens
in sacred earth
That they sacrifice
To Evil

Prayers for childrens of Gaza
Prayers to stop this madness
Prayers to stop this genocide

Stop the blood of innocent children

Veiled woman in a blue dress embraces a toddler in a pink floral outfit amid dust and rubble of a ruined building.

One thought on “Poetry from Eva Petropolou Lianou

  1. I’ m with You, Eva , and with Yr reclamation. Ghost of serial killers is what makes this world a intolerable place. Nothing that Gaza’s children are abandoned. They are not lonely. We love them with all the children of the World.
    Freeom and Love to Gaza

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