Poetry from Eva Petropolou Lianou

A precious man

The nights and the days come and go without a smile
The days are so big without a smile
The nights are a waiting for a call or a message
It is so expensive this time away from your eyes.
You are my precious pearl..
A diamond hide in the mud..
Waiting the time to hug you and kiss you.
You are my treasure hidden from the sun
Waiting the day I meet you again..
Waiting your look..
Waiting your lips..
You are my precious pearl hidden in the oyster deep in the sea.
You are my precious man. 


the face I did not see for years


You are the most amazing human being
But i cannot touch

The beauty is hiding in  small pieces in your body and mind...

I can explain why
But i know my what...

That one day  you crossed my path
  Forces of love or passion touched me
Without reason...

I am looking the east
You are looking the west

Miracles happens every day

A passion I can live in a privately moment

Love I give
Love will never be understood

In an another space of galaxy

My ideal
My secret

The moments I never had

The distance between two countries
A bridge i will try to build to reach you

Good night poem

What a caterpillar maybe call the end
A butterfly call it the beginning of a beautiful journey...

The stars are so far but we can see the lights
And feel their heat

As i am thinking of you
Days and nights are together

No distance
Only sun
Only Moon

And for once they are together
In this beautiful sky

Thinking of you
The days

Think about you
My heart
My body
My soul
Wake up
Dance in a circle

Imagine u are here
Imagine u are close to me

Imagine our life starts
This is my wish
My prayer

As you are my hope
My inspiration
In those long years of loneliness...


Love poem

Your smile... 

I dream a future with you

I dream a blue sky

Sunset to a an island 

I dream a white house

And have a view to the sea 

I dream a future close to you.. 

And i get a bad dream

Sleeping alone

Feeling weak

But in my heart

i am not alone because i feel your heart beat

I feel your breath

EVA Petropoulou Lianou
Multi Awarded Author children literary
Official candidate for Nobel Peace prize 

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