Poetry from Farzona Koshimova

Central Asian teen with her hair up in a bun and a headband. She's got a red top on and is standing in front of a colorful mural.
Farzona Khoshimova
WAY- WAY... she said

One day at 12 o'clock my grandmother and I got on the bus. There were two other women with us. Since there were no empty seats, both my grandmother and the other two women stood. Not far from us, two female students were sleeping. After three or four stops, the female students "suddenly woke up" and got out at their stops. Grandma and an older woman took the empty seat. 

At that moment, one of the women who was sitting with her partner started insulting the female students. The first: "Don't be too hard on them, they are uneducated girls."  But the other one said, "She didn't give me a place, my legs hurt." 

I wondered why the girls didn't give room to the old women. Could it be that their parents or teachers did not teach them about public transport etiquette? In any case, it affected me deeply.

With our people, there is a proverb that says that manners are learned from you. I drew the necessary conclusion from this incident.

I am Farzona Khoshimova. I am a pupil in the 6th grade in the 18th compulsory school in Fergana. I was a presenter of kids’ programs on Fergana TV station. Since 4th grade, I have been a member of a children`s club which is opened under the Republican children`s library. So far more than 10 of my articles and stories have been published in magazines and newspapers. By participating in several online competitions in telegram I have got many valuable presents, diplomas, and books. My future ambition is to become the best journalist.

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