Poetry from Graciela Noemi Villaverde


Photo of a reddish-brown haired and smiling woman with a necklace and black and white tank top next to a man with brown hair and a collared blue shirt.


Talk to me, as if you don't know anything. 
Recognize me, as a woman in a poem 
I will go find your music, 
Please turn the sound down, it's too loud. 
Turn your gaze to mine
A halo of hope would have been enough. 
How much winter threatens to freeze your skin, 
It would be enough to finish the time 
The moment your eyes closed. 
Today without you, I only feel cold
Frequent uncertainty
Shadow gaps
Fear that paralyzes

You are no longer... 
A thousand voices shout at me and I dissolve in them
You burst like a whip into my wounded side. 
I arrived crying... 
I look for you in the house, 
I hug a sigh. 
I look at the horizon that doesn't know 
Where I lost the memory, 
Your absence embraces me, 
The tide of tears does not pause. 
And so I fall asleep, while your 
Dear husband 
Rest in peace 

June 20, 2024

GRACIELA NOEMI VILLAVERDE is a writer and poet from ConcepciĆ³n del Uruguay (Entre Rios) Argentina, based in Buenos Aires She graduated in letters and is the author of seven books of poetry, awarded several times worldwide. She works as the World Manager of Educational and Social Projects of the Hispanic World Union of Writers and is the UHE World Honorary President of the same institution Activa de la Sade, Argentine Society of Writers. She is the Commissioner of Honor in the executive cabinet IN THE EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RELATIONS DIVISION, of the UNACCC SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA CHAPTER.

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