Poetry from Gulsevar Xojamova

Young Central Asian teen with dark hair and brown eyes stands in a roomful of fellow students holding a certificate.
Gulsevar Xojamova

      A piece of children's heart always lives in the hearts of our mothers. So long as he is still a child. We children always make mothers think and worry. Although there is really no need to worry, you always care for us with motherly love. Your imagination is always busy wondering if my child is calm, has a full stomach, and is not covered. Mothers, your hearts are white, your love is a river, your wishes are abundant, and your prayers are endless.
    We children will reach your value only by becoming mothers, and even then we will remain children for you, your worries and sorrow for us will not end, on the contrary, your time and life will increase for you, now our children - your sweet grandchildren.
  My mother, be happy that you consider these sweet worries to be the meaning of life! May you be healthy for our happiness, even though your dreams are busy with sweet worries, never let your eyes cry for my child!!!

Gulsevar Khojamova
Student of Andijan State Pedagogical Institute