Poetry from Hurliman Almuratova

Young Central Asian woman with a white sweater and tan pants and long black hair sitting in a lawn with other students in the background.
Hurliman Almuratova


I wait for Spring,

Sitting on the waves of the winds,

I wait for its graceful breeze,

Immersed in such a dream,

I expect a wonderful miracle from Spring.

Involuntarily following the trail of dreams,

As if I can reach her right away,

As soon as I knew that spring had come ,

I’m filled with immeasurable fortune.

There are many different topics in the world,

I want to know every one of them,

But  I will stop for a moment,

Seeing an ember of the sun.

It seems to have a dignity on it,

The image of  spring even on green grasses,

As charming as the description of Zulfiya,

I am waiting for such  Spring.

The singing of the birds and the sound of the streams

The dew of the snowdrops and the colour of the sky,

Whomever doesn’t like  everyone loves,

This gives to you wonderful presence.

I have these endless feelings in my heart,

I will stay loyal to my expositions,

It is nature’s way of attracting people,

If it comes, I will about my love to Spring.

Almuratova Hurliman Baxtiyor  qizi

 Almuratova Hurliman was born on April 1, 2004 in the village of Dovkhara, Takhtakupir district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. She studied at school No. 12 named after Berdakh which is located in  Takhkupir. Due to her interest in poetry and literature, she begins to read many books and steps into poetry in the 4th grade. Also she worked on herself in the direction of poetry and prose. In 2016, the first story entitled  “Alg’is alsan’ kem bolmaysan” was published in the  newspaper  “Takhtakupir tani”. In 2017, a poem entitled “Motherland” was published in the gazette “Jetkenshek”. In addition, the young poet’s poems entitled  “Mother”, “ Poet”,”Thanks teacher”,”Lazy boy””Constitution”,”Weneed”,”Autumn”,” Dear father”,”Grandma”,”Winter”  were published in newspapers. 

In 2020, Hurliman continued her studies at the academic lyceum next to NDPI(Nukus State Pedagogical Institute) of the Republic Karakalpakstan.  Almuratova is the winner of the “Best poem Author “ nomimation according to the 2020 which was conducted by the “Jetkinshek” newspaper. In 2020, Hurliman Almuratova’s first collection of poems titled “ Kitobdan kamol topdim” was published in Karakalpakstan.

From 2022, Hurliman is a 1st-year student at the Faculty of Foreign languages of KSU. Almuratova was distinguished by her knowledge, passion  from the first days of studying at Umiversity . Se is also a conference participant inndifferent countries . Since 2023, she has been a member of Writer’s Union of the Republic of Kazakstan ” Qo’sh qanot”, a member of Inida’s Iqra Foundation, an ambassador of The UK SPSC organization and Iqra Foundation’s Child Rescue Ambassador. Furthermore, on March 23, 2023, the scientific article entitled “Today’s youth and teaching English”(New ways to teach methodically) was published in Canada.

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