Poetry from Ian Copestick

Middle aged white man with glasses lying on a bed next to his dog. He's wearing a plaid buttoned polo shirt.
White man lying down next to a dog

This Heat

the heat is up in
the 30’s, and even
after a short time
outside you’re
dripping water as
if you’ve stepped
out of the shower.
It’s bloody brutal,
I’ve got ginger hair
( well I used to ) and,
I can’t take this heat.
I’m not made for it,
I’m used to drizzly,
dull, overcast, grey
days. I must be one
of the only people to
have had sunstroke
in Stoke on Trent. It
happened when I was
about 7 years old, I’ll
never forget it. I was
so fuckin’ ill. Throwing
up like you wouldn’t
believe. Pink, strawberry
milkshake pouring from
my nose as I puked like
I’d never puked before.
Sorry to disgust you,
but no, I’m no good in
the heat. I think what
maybe it’s my Irish
heritage. I’m damn
good at drinking, but
I can’t stand the sun.
No, I just can’t take
this heat.

So Boring Again

Life seems so boring
again today. Last night
about half a mile from
where I live, there was
a hostage situation.
The whole area was
full of police, some of
them with submachine
guns. There was also
ambulances, riot vans,
police dog units, and
anything else you could
think of. Apparently, some coke dealer had gone nuts, and kidnapped his missus with a samurai sword, and an air pistol.
Today there was nothing,
not a fuckin’ thing.
Life seems so boring

My Yearly Complaint

It’s so stuffy, and
so humid.You can
hardly take a breath,
but I know from the
time of year that
summer’s heading
towards it’s death.
It always makes me
feel so sad, as my
September birthday
draws near that
another summer is
nearly gone, and
Autumn is once again
here. Don’t get me
wrong, I think Autumn
is great. It’s a riot of
colours, and smells.
Its winter that I really
hate, to me it’s like
fuckin’ Hell. When it
kicks in, you know it’s
gonna be six months
until you feel warm.
I hate the snow,
I hate the cold. I hate
its function, and its form.
You might think that
living in England, I’d
be used to this shit.
But every year as it
comes around I want
to get away from it.