Poetry from Ike Boat

Young Black man with dark glasses holding a microphone with a tee shirt that reads 'POET' in front of a sign reading 'Stakeholders Meeting.'
Artist Ike Boat

The Music Mind (TMM) <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

The music mind,

Comes with lines of lyricism

And it verses connect with euphemism,

Yet, we tap the feet, shake hands to bind.

The music mind,

Sometimes, sleep not

Like the cooking African pot being hot,

But, the studio and audio makes one rewind.

The music mind,

Makes you feel the rhymes and rhythms of the beat

Whiles the instruments and sound bring it repeat,

Towards what the soul search to find.

The music mind,

Describes all what we want to embrace

Regardless of our race and place to trace,

And does not make us left behind.

The music mind,

Provides, the legend and stars to reward

As we stand and walk to move forward,

In order to entertain humanity as mankind and feel kind.

Pieces Of Papers (POP) <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

Pieces of papers,

That’s how it all starts

When I want to ink

With different aspect or parts

It becomes beautiful like pink.

Pieces of papers,

On the table almost everyday

Because the reason to write can come at anytime

So it’s good to be ready and stay

In order to make each word become prime.

Pieces of papers,

Even in the white little polythene bag

When I’m walking in the city

It become ready to pick and not brag

That ensures that each stanza brings certainty.

Pieces of papers,

Often in plain colours to portray transparency

Like proper governance needs no corruption

That’s how citizens can rely on as in dependency

And not compared to volcanic eruption.

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