Poetry from Ismailova Orastabonu

🌹Isn't she an ANGEL OF HEAVEN!🌹

   Brought spring to the gardens,
   The moon was shining in front of his child.
   The first song that he sang was divided by the gods,
   Isn't our soul a bond, woman?
   Isn't she an angel of heaven?

      A woman is the light of our house, the blooming flower of our garden, the angel of our house. A woman is a masterpiece among the blessings created by God!

       In fact, Allah took the beauty from the moon shining in the sky, the eyebrows and eyelashes from the dark night, the eyes from the stars, the language from the nightingale, the willow tree from the willow, the delicacy from the flower, and the love from the ocean, and created a perfect unity and named it woman.

    A woman is a great creature who took care of her child in her body for nine months and gave her life.
     So what is happiness for a woman?

     A woman who carries a child and caressing her little body with love is the happiest woman in the world. A woman who devotes herself to her little girl and sews dresses with her hardworking hands, there is no happier person than her. If you give a woman a sweet word and something to cheer her up, she will consider herself happy.

    Let's pay attention to these sentences of Tursunoy Sadygova about women: "A woman is not a woman, but a flower that always trembles in the cave called the wind, in the stormy season called the family, and still spreads its beautiful flowers."

   A woman is indeed a flower. Dear friends, let's try to describe a woman as a crimson blooming rose. The red color in the flower is the redness on the face of an Uzbek woman, that is, her modesty, ibo. The expression radiating from the flower is endless love from the ocean, which never ends, no matter how much it costs. Its strong body that climbs to the heights is its lifelong friend, that is, its life partner. Green leaves are shared by the people and relatives, and the thorns in it are a weapon against the sufferings and injustices in life. are the children of...

Ismailova Orastabonu is the daughter of Navruz, a 10th grade student of the 13th general secondary school of Kasbi district, Kashkadarya region.