Poetry from J.D. Nelson

a football party
at a house across the street—
yellow moon grows full

chickpeas & brown rice . . .
a spider climbs down a thread
to investigate

leaves are blown from trees—
the driver with a flashlight
asks for directions

in the chicken coop
a few mice scurry away . . .
the cold autumn wind

bare tree silhouettes
against the cloudy night sky—
the dog sniffs dead leaves

crescent moon at dusk—
the squirrels’ nests are revealed
in the bare branches



J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. His poems have appeared in many small press publications, worldwide, since 2002. He is the author of ten chapbooks and e-books of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). Nelson’s poem, “to mask a little bird” was nominated for Best of the Net. Visit http://MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. His haiku blog is at http://JDNelson.net. Nelson lives in Colorado, USA.

9 thoughts on “Poetry from J.D. Nelson

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  2. Faded plastic grave
    flowers; artificial

    Poet between books,
    always well-dressed
    in a dead man’s clothes.

    Along track rail,
    a priest consults
    a racing form.

    Long live the short form

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