Poetry from J.D. Nelson

the humans come out
& so do a few loud crows
after the snowstorm


tail end of winter
pretty warm in the sunlight
too cold in the shade


green buds have appeared
on Mom’s lilac hedge out front
first full day of spring


two deer & then three
in someone’s yard on Iris
missed the bus again


slept all day & night
I wake up past eleven



J. D. Nelson’s poems have appeared in many publications, worldwide, since 2002. He is the author of eleven print chapbooks and e-books of poetry, including *purgatorio* (wlovolw, 2024). Nelson’s first full-length collection is *in ghostly onehead* (Post-Asemic Press, 2022). Visit his website, MadVerse.com, for more information and links to his published work. His haiku blog is at JDNelson.net. Nelson lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

4 thoughts on “Poetry from J.D. Nelson

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  2. I love the simple yet evocative renderings of the seasons…from the “green buds” jutting from “mom’s lilac hedge” to the “humans…and a few loud crows” peeping out after the snowstorm…an effective and harmonious blending of people & animals to showcase the molting of the seasons…brings me back to a simpler time of pure present moment enjoyment amidst all the technological advancements. These haikus make me want to stop, take a deep breath and just enjoy being and for that, my gratitude to the poet.— Jacques Fleury, Boston Globe featured author of “You Are Enough: The Journey to Accepting Your Authentic Self “

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply! In my daily haiku writing practice, in which I exercise mindfulness, I often connect with the natural world, always observing things as they are. I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed them!

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