Poetry from J.J. Campbell

go explore your new world
look at the bright side
you figured out long
before the death bed
that god doesn’t give
two shits about you
that dread you feel
is actually freedom
the exact moment
where you have the
opportunity to shit
out all you were
brainwashed with
as a child
and go explore
your new world
with two experienced
but released eyes
or continue
to suffer
for a cause that
has become an
display of
zombies and
rich assholes

casually remind yourself
let the rhythm
grab those two
left feet and
forget that
everyone is
laughing at
grab that sexy
woman of your
dreams and
focus on those
those come fuck
me pumps and
that slinky black
casually remind
yourself that you’re
the one going home
with her tonight
they can laugh
all they want
just try to avoid
any crazy arm
movements that
might resemble a
punch to the face
that won’t end
up well
fallen into the trap
i have fallen into the
trap of a comfortable
hatred for myself
these are the nights
where i think i should
have gone to college
and found a sweetheart
and a good paying job
the nights where i
curse the lord for
making the love
of my life a lesbian
two shots of vodka for
every time i actually
believed a woman
was attracted to my
sense of humor
the sun fades away
just like my hands
at the request of
another night of
not everyone
deserves tears
at a funeral
slowly dying
i look in the
mirror and
see a weak
man slowly
unloved for
so many years
what will
become of
me once the
words dry up
once insanity
has taken over
once the alcohol
starts taking the
i believe my
reflection says
it all
who cares
if only she really existed
to the stunning blonde
over in the corner,
casually checking out
my funky t-shirt while
i have already pictured
you naked and walking
over to me
dirty thoughts like
these certainly mean
a wedding in a church
is out of the question
and beauty like yours
is way too good for
the justice of the
perhaps your credit
cards could get us to
vegas by the morning
i’m sure you’ll want
to be around plenty
of alcohol
once you realize this
beautiful mistake
J.J. Campbell