Poetry from J.J. Campbell

what my tombstone should say


watched a woman

with down syndrome

flick a booger onto

the carpet of the

waiting room at

the doctor’s office

this afternoon


all the while an

elderly couple were

arguing about if their

daughter was out in

the car waiting for



i whispered to my

mother this is why

i’m killing myself


i also told her i

thought of what

my tombstone

should say while

in the shower



found the pleasure

in the pain


get it over with


i no longer wonder

how i am going to



i’m old enough

to know that

doesn’t matter


my ego prefers

that it’s memorable


the broken soul

trapped deep

within me only

hopes that it’s

indoors and

there isn’t much

of a mess


my inner child

still has visions

of a rope, a ladder

and a lonely tree


the only concern

the voices have

is they would like

to get it over with



they have better

things to do


to the brink


i do my best

to stay away

from the news



it’s incredibly

difficult these



and each



where it looks

like we’re edging

closer to the brink

of nuclear war


i’m proud i

was responsible



to not bring

another soul

into this world


a feeble desire


it’s not really

a poem but a

plea for sanity


a feeble desire

to hope that the

adults will start

acting like one


i wonder if anyone

can look up from

their phones long

enough to actually

give a shit


hide behind your

technological walls

for as long as you



the rest of us will

soak up all the pain

as well as the joy


and trust me


you won’t ever

survive on what

is left


for a lost poet in arkansas


the devil is in the details


the big picture stuff was

never the problem


it’s day to day bullshit

that sends you down the

paths where the weak go

to die and the strong come

back haunted for life


you have finally realized

greatness is for those

driven by the ego


you’d gladly settle for

clean air to breathe and

a little yard for the dog

to shit in


so, here’s to the end of

roaches and guilt


please know that chasing

a dream in a life that is a

constant nightmare is an

act of courage


and should give you hope


something most people

squander each and every



take the love within you

and seek something better


from the bottom, anything

is possible