Poetry from J.J. Campbell


taste of a better life
i can still see
forever in the
eyes of the first
woman i ever
nearly thirty
fucking years
since i had my
first taste of a
better life
i’m not sure
which god i
pissed off
along the
no soul
to be tortured
this much
never have a best friend
battling breast cancer
and mental illness at
the same damn time
it’s exhausting
especially when you
have your own mountain
of shit you have to climb
each day
another glimpse of society
another day
another medical
another glimpse
into a society i
no longer identify
another time to
try to look up the
dress of someone
across the waiting
another angry
another day
where my dirty
soul gets to shine
all the old traps again
i’m falling into all
the old traps again
i always thought
experience would
kill all this shit
fifteen years later
i’ve never wanted
to live
once again
i have a chance
to figure some
shit out again
and maybe have
sex with a beautiful
woman along the
to a dream woman that lives in rome
you drive me crazy
but in the sweetest
ways possible
i can’t wait to taste
you and hold you
on a starry night
on the other side
of the world
lips like a dream
where i have fallen
into an ocean of
how does one get
so lucky to find
the most beautiful
woman in the

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  1. Incredible work my friend always top notch and altogether a damn fine read
    Keep kicking ass

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