Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Author J.J. Campbell

Author J.J. Campbell

J.J. Campbell (1976 – ?) was raised by wolves yet still managed to graduate high school with honors. He’s been widely published over the years, most recently at Duane’s Poetree, The Rye Whiskey Review, Mad Swirl, The Beatnik Cowboy and Cajun Mutt Press. You can find him most days on his mildly entertaining blog, evil delights. (https://evildelights.blogspot.com)
louder and louder
the few
i do have
are worried
that my end
could be near
i think they
have noticed
when the
chatter about
suicide gets
louder and
the demons
are starting
to win the
a good night of sleep
i probably haven’t
had a good night
of sleep in over
twenty years
and people can’t
understand why
i don’t mind the
thought of death
light jazz
my mother asked for
light jazz as the music
for her MRI today
yet another sign that
she’s slowly going
a darkening planet
fifty dead
out of fear
as a white
i laugh at
who fears
a darkening
they obviously
are comfortable
with their history
of course, i knew
i needed to learn
the real history
not the bullshit
they teach in
an old pair of shoes
i don’t mind being
it’s as comfortable
as an old pair of
shoes by now
it’s when a beautiful
woman shows interest
that i start to ponder
the thought of change
thankfully, they are
usually guys from
africa hoping for
a payday
so, the thoughts
never last long
J.J. Campbell
51 Urban Ln.
Brookville, OH 45309-9277

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