Poetry from J.J. Campbell

12 hours of bliss
another drunken night
of loneliness scribbling
down the first words
that come to mind
insanity never tasted as
good as you did on our
last night together
12 hours of bliss
in hindsight
i should have known
it would never get any
only the lucky ones
get to leave on top

date night
you’re much too
beautiful for a dump
like this was the first
thought i had when
i saw her
she crossed her long
legs and i saw a tattoo
of a devil licking a
knife while fucking
some strange creature
i called the bartender
over and ordered her
a drink
i didn’t bother to look
over in her direction
when the drink arrived
i figured she’d know
who it was from
i had another drink
at the bar and then
left to go home
she was busy playing
pool, laughing at all
these guys imagining
what they would do
i laughed as well
and told her not to
stay out too late
and try not to bring
home anyone with
a disease
my long lost brother
there’s no nuance
in the pain these
the drugs don’t
work and i fear
they haven’t
produced enough
i was told as a
child that i would
be great one day
it’s one thing
to have patience
it’s another
to wait on the
impossible to
my long lost
a smiling face
at the end of
the world
the last hope
for the lost soul
caught in the
just a memory
your arms remind
me of a soft blanket
comfort, safety
each morning i
wake up alone
clutching a pillow
that’s just a memory
may our eyes meet
again on a stormy
night in july, 1943
since the last kiss
a rush of depression
fills your veins as
you think about
how many new
year’s eves does
this make since
the last kiss
finish another bottle
and remember all
the friends that left
you behind
when it finally hits
you upside the head
that you were never
important to begin
the monkey climbs
off the back and
allows you to
finally die in
only a few are
actually smart
enough to take
advantage of