Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Author J.J. Campbell
Author J.J. Campbell

a series of small tragedies 
darkening skies 
doom and gloom 
i gave up on happiness
years ago just about the same time
god gave up on me 
the holidays are coming up 
a series of small tragedies while
hanging the lights
with glee desperation
is the last sign of hope that clings in the chilly
night air

these are the mornings
one of those mornings 
where you can’t make it to the bathroom in time
and as much shit that makes it in the bowl, 
the same amount is in your underwear 
and eventually the floor
these are the mornings where i completely understand
why it makes more sense to choose death

a million better places 
another waiting room 
listless women behind the glass 
the annoying drone of the television
in the background 
i can think of nearly a million better places
i could be right now but my imagination
likes the back roads and taking its fucking time

the inevitable reality 
laughter from the back rooms 
i suppose it beats the inevitable reality of death 
i lost my ability to be light hearted a few deaths ago 
i always wonder where the first misstep took place 
every shrink i’ve seen has told me
it all goes back to childhood of course it does

that sad reality 
i try not to remember
the last time i kissed a woman 
i would love to bury that sad reality
but i’m not exactly interested
in a future all by myself 
i refuse to count the voices in my head
until i absolutely have to