Poetry from J.J. Campbell

Middle aged white man with glasses, hair and a beard, sitting in a room with posters on the wall and a rose, a plastic skull and candles on a dresser. He's got a Black Lives Matter tee shirt on.
J.J. Campbell
political signs
i always pay
attention to
the political
signs in the
yards around
where i live
it gives me
a heads up
on who not
to vote for
the perfect metaphor
the rat race ended
and nobody won
if that isn't the
perfect metaphor
for life in the
midwest, i don't

know what is
young angst
a listless
young angst
with an unholy
need to release
it's simple to
find the evil
in the world
just follow

the money
never talk to strangers
she asked me
for a ride home
i was taught to
never talk to
that goes against
every notion a
writer should
this incident
was over a
quarter century
what if pops up
from time to time
it never ends
up well
but the poems

keep flowing
these lonely nights
the only good thing
about these lonely
nights is eventually

i will run out of them