Poetry from J.J. Campbell

a hot dirty blonde
i’m not
a social
my butterfly
has to be
forced into
such things
i remember
when i worked
at the airport,
in the factory
and this woman,
a hot dirty blonde 
told me to meet
her at the bar
and she’d buy
me a beer
i didn’t know
that was code
for she was
going to make
out with everyone
at the bar except
for me
because i was
busy drinking
a beer
lesson learned

fire red eyes
walk through the cobwebs
and cocaine fueled dreams
of gypsies, stray dogs and
a hooker with fire red eyes
you have a scar on your neck
from your last transaction
say goodbye to all your false
this is a journey to hell with
only enough room for one
it’s finally your turn to go
the christmas moon
under a sliver
of the christmas
moon i’d give
anything to die
in your arms
the worst part
about falling
in love is when
you’re pretty
sure that the
one you have
fallen for
couldn’t give
a shit about
your affection
i always find
this troubling
as i’m a stubborn
fucker that can’t
help but think
he’s always
either way, one
of us is going to
hate the other
i believe most
people call that
true love
a once beautiful soul
hello pain
my name is
the inevitable demise
of a once beautiful
embrace the darkness
deep inside you
so deep that someone
has a dirty thought
to share with a cousin
on an email chain
soon that darkness
will develop a few
they have shit that
comes in a can that
can cover all those
cracks if you want
you will need a little
light to get in if you
want roses to grow
in concrete
sometimes i’d prefer
if they would just
give me
a needle and a spoon
in this land of confusion
i believe that most
of us truly want
peace but know
it’s not possible
the bleeding hearts
will never stop trying
and the hawks will
continue to make
money off of war
the rest of us can
simply try to live
in this land of
confusion and
the promises
of our childhoods
were nothing but