Poetry from J.J. Campbell

up against the roof
sometimes on these
nights where i can
hear the rain pounding
up against the roof
i lay in bed alone
and wish to die
i know it’s not likely
but a boy can dream
though, i have no
interest in seeing
my funeral
i don’t want to start
off my death with
yet another

in a sweet oblivion
whispers of so many
gifts wasted on the
tap your arm to
find the perfect
the listless moon
drifts away in a
sweet oblivion
until you die
until that final
breath is stolen
by what you
thought was your
only lover
visions of lies and
mistrust cloud any
nirvana you thought
was possible
imagine that, the
user getting used
burn any bridge
down before it
collapses and
takes you with
one of those lessons
you only learn when
you know the right
people in school
knocking you back down
the urgency of now
is lost on those that
find life comfortable
tossed away on the
forced to shit in an
this is what happens
to the beauty queens
once the truth is
they only prop you
up to enjoy knocking
you back down
it’s a fucking game
to everyone else that
doesn’t understand
how it all works
but when you find
yourself trying to
decide whether
today is the day
that life either
ends or begins
you don’t exactly
have the time to
give a shit whether
you are going viral
or trending at the
a taste for trouble
those mysterious
eyes dancing
around this dead
nothing good
happens after
two in the
good thing we
both have a taste
for trouble
one caress of
your brown skin
and suddenly this
dead soul has signs
of something called
and when those
movie star lips
touched mine
it wasn’t quite
but think of it as
a sparkler burning
at a million degrees
dance until the sun
comes up or we no
longer know where
the fuck our clothes
it’s amazing what
the right chemistry
can do for the body
prince would have been 59 today
purple lights fade
to black on what
would have been
talent lost into the
but bathe in the
brilliance left
a genius that knew
no limits to anything
good, bad and sexy
for days
a whole generation
or two were made
to that music
we all should raise
a glass on his birthday
and say thanks
only a certain few
get to be immortal
and we all know
those songs will
never die
J.J. Campbell