Poetry from J.K. Durick


I remember flying

Learned it early

Somewhere between

Peter Pan and Superman

Sitting out on a windowsill

Overlooking Adsit Court

Legs dangling and then

I was off flying

The whole world in front

Of me, waiting for me

Up with the geese

And the gulls, as if there

Were no limits

No expiration date

On my flight

Soaring, zooming

Hovering, floating

I could be there or anywhere

I had the mind to be

Now I just remember flying.

It got away from me.

                Free Fall

Sometimes running feels like falling.

perhaps like free falling

your feet barely touching down

as distance appears and disappears

under you


They told you that life was a marathon

and not a sprint

but they sprinted away while you sat

there tying your shoes


And now you are running alone

almost weightless


This is running, falling, free falling

without a parachute to snap open

to catch you when the ground leaps up

to show you – you’ve reached the end.

     Getting Away

Time to walk away

Turn your back

A full 180 this time.

Pick up your pace.


There’s no rear-view

Mirror this time.


There are memories

That will go bump

Go thump in the night


But right now you’re

Moving away


Physically at first

Mentally sometime later.


But now you’re moving

Putting distance and time

Between you


And all those things –

the list seems too long

to go over ever again.


Those things you knew

You had to leave behind.


And now you’re

Alone out here

Without them.

J. K. Durick is a retired writing teacher and online writing tutor. His recent poems have appeared in Third WednesdayBlack Coffee Review, Literary Yard, Sparks of Calliope, Synchronized ChaosMadswirl, Journal of Expressive Writing, Lightwood, and Highland Park Poetry.