Poetry from Jack Galmitz

A Cheap Trick

A cheap trick is something like this:

when I lived with my brother and our parents
sometimes I took a shoe or sneaker
and balanced it between the door and its frame
so there was an open gap to the vestibule.
(You can only do this occasionally. If you do it 
too often it simply won't do.)
I then called out to my father to hurry and come quick
he had to see this; and when we saw him at the open space
we held our breath and he never even looked in he just pushed the door and the shoe dropped on his head.
My brother always was in stitches after this
and my father well
he was bitter but didn't speak of it.
Just so you don't think I'm a creep or something
I want you to know that my father was very serious:
he never once, not ever, told either of us a joke.

Shoppers All

"I'm looking for a man
cut from granite  
one of those Jesuses found in the bars
by the High Sierras." 

That's how one of our members put it.
Everyone's looking - cooks, bakers,
butchers, beauticians -
for adventure and who can blame them.
The sun comes up on schedule
and dives down regularly like
the back and forth of ping pong players.
Join our website- discover what's out there.
We know you value your privacy.
You control exactly what you want
people to see.  Use our blur or mask tool
suddenly you're a mystery.
Or mark those special pictures of you
private and share them only 
with those who appeal to you.
Go one step further. Take advantage
of our Traveling Man and Traveling Woman
package. We'll arrange for you to meet
whoever you pick on a Parisian street
in the season of your choosing.
Maybe autumn, when the chestnuts are falling
and the Seine is as blue as a silk dress suit
you'll want to be removing. Along the quay 
Parisians lie in the sun or stop at booksellers.
It's exciting.
Take a moment. Be indiscreet. Cheat.
Everyone's doing it. Royals, too. 
Sign up. We'll get you started on your app.
We'll help you post your sexiest picture 
and your most seductive text.
What do you have to lose? Your virginity? 

The Right Stuff Redux

we were in the court
on the uncut grass
playing ball 
we saw contrails above the roofs 
we heard a boom
someone said the aircraft
broke the sound barrier
we were impressed
we all said "wow"
and then resumed the game
and threw the ball home

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  1. Thanks so much J.D. for taking out the time to read the poems and for your praise. Much appreciated.

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