Poetry from JD DeHart

My Malevolent Wishes for Ants
I wish all creatures
warmth and comfort, save the ants
and other insects.
For them, St. Francis I am not.
So, as the temps drop down,
come inside my earthly
kiln of comfort and rambling
television shows.
Take a nibble of the special
trap I have left for you inside
the window – I relish only your
traipse back to your hometowns,
scenic vistas of the spiral dust
worlds you have created in the ground
and within my walls, share your
goods and perish as I dream.
Can’t Miss It
Can’t miss it, unless you drive
right passed it.
It’s noticeable and blue,
the big house where they serve
you delicate ice cream.
Did you know that ice cream
can be up to fifty percent air?
This is just like many people I
have met.
They say we are mainly
composed of water, but I have
my scientific doubts.
I am a practiced skeptic.
Problem is, I couldn’t tell you
how long the house has been there,
as I barely notice anything anymore.
No Corrections from Me
, sir,
which is to say not that you
are perfect.  After all, none
of us have reached perfection.
I am not the loathsome
reviewer #3 who wishes to strike
you down.
So, if I do find a literary quandary,
or verbal quirk, please respond in
kind.  I do not tear at the quilt
needlessly, as others sometimes do.
Know What I Think Is Funny?
No idea.
Well, some ideas.
1.  Clowns or carnivals
2.  The ontology of marshmallows
3.  Ironies that occur while ironing
4.  The way an ant smells after crushed
5.  Bones.  I mean, think about it.  How weird.
6.  Inner dialogues (like this one)
7.  Punctuation and the way we chain to it;!?
8.  Language in general.  I flap my lips or hands.  You follow
9.  Sequels – like we didn’t see it coming
10.  Adolescence, with all its flashy feather pretend adulthood
11.  The way researchers assign pseudonyms – you shall be called Todd
12.  Bathrooms with no walls or privacy
13.  The human need to sculpt, write poems, decorate everything (including ourselves)
14.  The way a boundary presents challenge to some, fear to others
15.  Mistakes – best to laugh at them, no wallow.  Mud is for wallowing.
(first appeared at Bluepepper)
On the window to the left,
the neighbor closing in.  Large
vans, gas grills, overtaking
with suburban life.
To the right, it was a vacant
lot, now overrun with chickens,
rabbits, a teeming zoo of human
and animal life.
Then there are the fast-moving cars,
children dressed as superheroes,
frequent deliveries, all of which
brings to mind:
What used to be life in the country.
The slow rumble of gravel once
or twice a day signaled a passerby.
Enough silence to dwell on.

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