Poetry from Jerry Langdon

Light skinned man with dark short hair and a white collared shirt seated at an angle.
Jerry Langdon
In The Shade

Stop trying to sell me your light.
You are only going to lose the fight.
I've been there; I've seen beyond that beam.
What you are so sure of is just a wishful dream.
Maybe you will find peace but I only found sadness.
A sadness that immerged me into the arms of madness.
A madness that drove me to my inner core.
Where I dwelled and part of me will dwell evermore.
In a darkness that harbors negativity
Feeding on every drop of positivity.
Only in that I let my misery torture me
In that darkness am I truly free.


I'm just sick
I'm adDICted
I need a fix
I need you with me
I need a kiss
So what's it gonna be?
Can't you just hold me?
'Cause I'm a dick
I'm conVICted
Watch my tricks
My heart is incarcerated
All that I wish
Is that I stay sedated
Why are we so complicated?
I want your touch
It's not like I'm asking much
We're half way to defeat
'Cause we never seem to meet 
I need you bad
Can't we have what we had?
I'm just sick
I'm adDICted
I need a fix
I need you with me
I need a kiss
So what's it gonna be?
Can you just hold me?
'Cause I'm just sick

From southwestern Michigan, Jerry Langdon has lived in Germany since the early 90's. He is an Artist and Poet. His works bathe in a darker side of emotion and fantasy. He has released five books of Poetry titled "Temperate Darkness an Behind the Twilight Veil", “Death and other cold things” “Rollercoaster Heart” and “Frosted Dreams” Jerry is also the editor and publisher of the literary magazine Raven Cage Zine poetry and prose. His poetic inspirations are derived from poets such as Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. As well as from various Rock Bands. His apparently twisted mind, twists and intertwines fantasy with reality.

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  1. Jerry, your poetry speaks eloquently of the dark side of life, of the misery of benighted addiction and of the longing for love and affection and simple touch. Thank you for writing this verse.

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