Poetry from John Culp

Sometimes an inference nudges the future and this influences individuals toward that reality.

So if a skeptical glance is missed we all benefit.

Odd that the first birds did not need permission to fly.

Allow preferences a comfortable focus.


More Free

I was not there to stop you

I am so glad

  Learning to experience what comes

Interesting, begins the adventure
Without swing
There is no sway

As night falls
    Dawn Brings
       the Day

Grounds pet
    My soles
to Soothe my Way

       a front
   I kneel to pray

A faithless wind
     Horizons may

A hopeless kiss
       to plant new

A perfect smile
Spreads grout to tile.

A solid stand
     eternal still

A Lifted Hand
    Sends Newness

Beginning to Rise

My desires

Someone else
   Suffers alone in the
      Lifted Suns

A song that knows no 
reminds me
    rewinds me
      of where I've Been

In and away
    sews threads of time

if I fell
     there were stars       

      & trees grow in
          This Soil of all
              things possible
          Where faith teaches
                 on the Fly

Without swing
   there is no Sway

As night falls
     Dawn Brings the Day

Grounds pet
          my Soles
                 to soothe
                       my way

 Star Dusty 


need to recalibrate,

that from here
forth it's always so.

there is no
water under the bridge

there only flows from my heart.

I backslide on promise
drown in the future
-less I waken yesterday

To feel toward the call

For True yesterday is the now with experience shining

You can call it a miracle,

           to forget,
Your Blessings continue.

Standings walk
the moment
to see
the future is
what you make it
because the heart knows, 


may for me calibrate,

Beyond the past moment


the best of us all
the best of myself
in another
joyful reunion,