Poetry from John Edward Culp

   That tall order
       fell on its face
Drew its Last Breath
           And turned over to 
                   Look at the Stars. 

In Wonder 
        I Wonder
                Bliss is sometimes
        where I fall,
                 resting with
            All the Sky
                    a part of my

My Sizeless glance 
      Wakens the fall
       into a natural lift.
     Behind  the  window
   this was outside my reach.

So   Safe   to   have 
           no future 
   Looking back on what I 

fallen  without a Past to 
          drive my rivets
       to  steel ,   another
                       Day ahead
                   winding Down my
                Belief in Self, 

Until  time  loses its Last 
          Rhyme  spent  to 
  impress myself more than others.

Until homeless grows a new
        home in a forested walk.

The moon peeks around a
Big tree as the ground is
      Softer than I had been used to
in the concrete world. 

     I'm  stopped  by  a  feeling
 of  exhilaration 
         accelerations compensating 
      with tangential swings to keep 
   us apart  in  a
 Dance, that joins our souls, 
to feel good about this. 

       Good  has  my Back   or 
was that you    for neither Lack.
       Sung becomes singing

     The  Invisible  evaporates
 to make a   delicious flavor

     I'm  fallen    to Rise    Like 

by John Edward Culp