Poetry from John Lloyd Casoy


They embrace each other again, 

skin to skin, the islets of water spinach

and the surface of sticky mud 

after a week of dancing with the waves.  

The elusive seagull is close by,

roaming in the transient seashore

created by the low tide. 

The islands of water lilies aboard

in the breakwater, lonely 

for not receiving a warm welcome.

The sun is weaving, the twilight

says “Hello”, and in the distance

here comes the blinking of artificial stars

created by the city which deteriorated

that once deep Laguna de Bay.

I am there, standing on the pathway

that once part of the lake’s body,

jealous of the lake’s destruction.

I don’t know; perhaps it’s just me,

drowning in my deep thoughts

wanting to be visited

by low tide one day.

About the Author

John Lloyd C. Casoy is a public-school teacher in the Philippines. He has a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Filipino. Currently, he is writing his thesis for his master’s degree in Master of Arts in Filipino – Literature at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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  1. John,

    Yes… the deep thoughts last forever.


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