Poetry from Judge Santiago Burdon

Bad Habits and Old Addictions 

Just when I think I've finally lost them

Convinced they'd never find me again. 

There's a knock at my door

Heavy fists pound harder and louder 

Yelling for me to let them in 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions 

Constantly ringing the doorbell.

The Ding-dongs wakes up my weakness 

The flaws in my willpower now exposed 

To the uninvited influence wearing down my resistance 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions 

I buried them away years ago

Must've dug the grave too shallow 

They've escaped and returned 

My resolve losing faith to temptation 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions    

Our association never matured into a friendship  

More of an acquaintance of inconvenience at best 

Stained with bad blood 

Not one breath of trust  

Exhaling  air of incessant suspicion 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions

Where do I find the courage 

to tell them 

I'm more than the sum of my mistakes

I'm not the man I once was

No longer devoid of self-respect 

Or a festering scab on God's face 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions 

Now my subconscious is questioning my decision 

Sending them away may be a mistake

What's the harm in extending some hospitality 

After all they've come such a long way 

I'll tell you why they've gotta get Because one is too many and a thousand is never enough

Now head on down the road 

get your ass out of town

Don't ever think of coming back 

I've fought a long fight to save my soul 

Surrender no longer an option 

Confidence in the faith to stay true to my convictions

Vete Lárgate 

Bad Habits and Old Addictions