Poetry from Kholida Toirjonova

One Day

One day, I will leave this world behind
Leaving my existence to be forgotten by you
However I came, that's how I will go
You won't perceive the struggles I've endured.
When the day comes, my silence will break your heart,
You'll wish to hear a single word from me.

When the day comes, I'll become your pain,
You'll wish for me to return, but in vain.
When the day comes, my eyes that spoke of love,
Will be deprived of the light of affection.
No matter how many regrets you have for me,
Love will always conquer sorrow's affliction.
I have no desire to burn my dreams,
You wash away my hopes like clay and soil.

I am leaving, perhaps just like you did once,
Now you too are growing old and weary.
I'm leaving behind everything in my past,
Leaving, crossing over the world's surface.
Maybe one day you'll hear a whisper from me,
Letting go of the memories and set me free.

I ventured into darkness on a starry night,
The sky united with the silent earth.
My unspoken words were left behind,
I escaped from this deceitful world.
Don't mourn or cry for this stranger,
False mourners are unnecessary when I'm gone.

If one day I leave you all alone,
It is my eternal liberation from those who have passed.