Poetry from Kristy Raines

White middle aged woman with reading glasses and very blond straight hair resting her head on her hand.
Kristy Raines


If ever we are in this life or the next,
I will be there waiting to meet you.
Take me to the sky and beyond my imagination
Touch me deeply and tenderly in the depths of my soul
For my heart pines for you over and over 
no matter which life we are living in.
Your name is always on my lips when I speak, 
as well as the memory of you kiss
At night as I sleep, you enter my dreams gently.
At times they are so real that I cry out your name.
I have no control over the outcome of our life together,
Because, my Love, One who knows best has already
drawn that line and I can not erase it. 


Loneliness and sadness grew in my heart without you
I tried to find in someone else what I found in you
What I failed to realize is that you can not be replaced
When two hearts are one, none can separate them,
no matter how much I try to move forward.. 
If he would try to touch my hand, it would chill me
I couldn't look in his eyes...
Because I couldn't find my reflection
You hold the key that locks these golden chains around my heart
I need your kiss, your touch, and the love only we share
But I have no answers... 
Because though we are apart in distance
our hearts couldn't be closer
So I will stay alone with your memory 
'cause I can't live a life with someone else that was only meant for us
I pray that one day you find your way back to me
You will find me where you left me.... Alone  


Do you ever wonder why I smile?
I smile when I see a beautiful sunset
When I hear birds sing on a silent day
When a baby laughs, I shine
For many years I lost my smile
Then I saw yours, and slowly
I found my smile again.
Now our world has changed
Our destiny is clear ahead of us
You can rely on me; My world is in you!
Could you not see?
And yes, I am smiling now
So when you see me smile
I hope you realize I smile because of you .... ❤ 

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