Poetry from Kristy Raines

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Kristy Raines
Only Time Will Tell

Time is nothing that can be touched
It can only measure how long love lasts
Love can not be measured by a watch on a chain
For it is timeless and is a feeling that lives or dies
My love for you was born in my heart like a child
Painful at times but grew into something beautiful
Your gentleness never fails under any circumstance
And only you understand what this heart needed
I will hold your hand through every turn in life
from this moment in time to the next
For as long as the watch on the chain keeps ticking
Like the beats of our hearts, only time will tell
how long you should wait for me…

Things Two Hearts Left Unread

We walk the same road every day
You walking one way and I another
We need rarely to ever speak when we pass
because we can read each other’s looks
What is never said speaks the loudest
We know what is there, and what is not
You poke at me and I play along
I get silent and make you wonder if I am mad
We play this wicked game but laugh under our breaths
But we do complement each other like the butterfly and flower
I have written these feelings down many times
Although, many times have I had to rewrite them
I need not brag to any friends but keep quiet
about things that two hearts left unread.

I Will Now Tell You

I always want to be the blooming flower of
the glittering touch within your dreams
Like an illuminating fairy that enters the forest of your thoughts
Do not be bothered by the poems that now vanish
because beautiful thoughts of hope have now replaced
your hopeless hopes of sadness which used to plague you
Your river of love now flows in rhythm with mine
as joyous waves become like a fierce storm of passion between us
The hue of my form is like the blood that pumps through my veins
which I now use to write our eternal story of love.

The secretive story of two lovers forever tied together by fate.

Kristy Raines was born  in Oakland, CA, USA.  She is a poet, writer, author and advocate. She has five books getting ready to publish soon, one with a prominent poet from India  which will launch hopefully soon called, "I Cross my Heart from East to West", two fantasy books of her own called, "Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings" and "Princess and The Lion", an anthology of poems in English, "The Passion Within Me" and her autobiography called "My Very Anomalous Life." Kristy has received many literary awards for her unique style of writing.

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Kristy Raines

  1. All the three poems were fabulous. Kristy Raines writes from her heart. Her poems are songs written in simple language which touch the reader. I wish her all the best in life.

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