Poetry from Kristy Raines

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Kristy Raines
Beautiful Man 

How did you find me?
When did it happen that I noticed the potential in you? Your age is so young, but your mind is that of the soul of someone who has traveled the world.

You have taught me that hearing the birds sing first thing in the morning is more precious than wealth. For those sounds stay in your memory and wealth can be lost in a moment. You always give and never take. When I complain, you hush my words. You are helping me to heal. You are teaching me peace.

You are taking my, "I want", and are turning it into "what are your wants?" You have shown me what thankfulness really is, and you never lose patience with me, ever. 

You only know love and doing good.
I love that Family is important to you and not ever considered a burden. You help the people around you gladly. You know the value of just talking and laughing. You do everything with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

The way that you speak, sounds like the words of a poet without even trying. Who would ever think that someone who lives in a land so different than mine could have more joy than me, with less?
I now understand how.
Because you do not have the luxury of choices in many things. But that is what has made you so happy inside. 

Everything around you is a gift. 
You have an appreciation for everything you have. You have shown me that having more things doesn't make you happy. Not knowing what having more material things is like has kept you humble and filled your heart with so much love and compassion.
You appreciate what you have. And you are teaching me gently and without judgment.

You have entered my heart and have become my best friend... 
Your innocence is charming but at the same time, your mature mannerism is that of a gentleman…  You are a Beautiful Man. ©

Kristy Raines



Autumn has always been my favorite time of year.
It's relaxing sitting in the sun along with you, Dear.

The days are now more quiet like a silent bereaving.
The end of a scorching Summer is readily leaving.

Taking walks hand in hand, watching our neighbors raking
as the aroma of cinnamon bring memories of baking.

I welcome the deep colors that amaze my eyes
as we sit on our porch and take in the trees and blue skies.

Limbs slightly blow in the breeze as a few leaves fare,
creating a sense of peace within me like a whispering prayer.

The sky is so clear, bright stars I can see,
I lean back against you with your arms around me.

As we watch another sunset from our porch swing tonight,
I am thankful being with you in the Autumn Moonlight.


As you hold me close in your warm embrace, 
I feel like we will melt into one as our hearts beat together.
We need not speak.. Our unsteady breaths speak for us
and are as pleasing as any love poem ever passionately uttered. 
My love for you will show in my eyes and in my touch 
as I drench your heart's barren ground. 
Whenever you reach for me, I will be right there.
I will always come to you and there will never be any doubt 
that you are alive inside. ©

Bio for Kristy Raines:

A poet, writer, and author, born in Oakland California, in The United States of America. Kristy is a retired Civil Servant for the USA, as a Legal Assistance Secretary  for the Naval Legal Service office, San Francisco,  and also retired from the Medical field as a Medical Technician and Office Manager.
Kristy has six books getting ready to publish. One anthology with a prominent Poet from India,  which will hopefully launch in December 2023 called, "I Cross my Heart from East to West", two fantasy books of her own called, "Rings, Things and Butterfly Wings" and "Princess and The Lion", an anthology of her poems in English called, " Walking Without You”, one in French, "Little Rose Poetry", and one in Arabic called," Jasmine and Roses".   (She is taking a course in Arabic to write this book).  

Kristy has received many literary awards for her unique style of writing and enjoys working to raise awareness for  the Rohingya people in refugee camps, an Orphanage in India, and Human Trafficking around the world, in which she is very active, as well as  an Advocate for human rights internationally.  She has also received many awards for her writing and Poetry. . 

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  1. What a wonderful touch of love in every poem! It must charm the hearts of the readers for its own beauty of writing style.

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