Poetry from Lidia Popa

Light skinned Eastern European older middle aged woman, with reading glasses, hoop earrings, and brown curly shoulder length hair. She's got a black top and a black and brown necklace.
Lidia Popa

History is made by human and by his actions. If we want an honest and clean world we have to let the facts speak to indicate the right path to follow.
Violence sows violence.
Racism sows racism.
Peace and friendship they sow peace and cordiality.
War and interests they sow war and destruction.
Knowing and judging history it helps not to repeat the errors of judgment.
If you ask you must give with the same measure. Nothing can be achieved by standing and looking.
To pick pears from the tree you come scratching your calves in the scab.
If cherries are good, don't forget: To collect someone spent effort.
When you drink ruby wine for lunch you can say thank you to the hands that picked the grapes.
Tomatoes, oranges and olives grow in the sun, the hands that fill the baskets are holy.
Human, in you the divine is stunned from the abyss. On Earth you are the master of your actions.
Our mission is a continuous vigil for peace. No one will ask you how you feel, maybe when it happens to you cry because you suffer inside.
Maybe then, on the border line between the abyss and life,
they will ask in an effort to feel less guilty of abandoning you,
considering you were enough strong to be able to fly by it self above the specially created precipice.
No one will ask you how you feel, only in front of the coffin will they say:
Poor thing, too bad he's gone so soon, he had a life ahead of him!
Yet the hand extended it was a false hand. Intentions had a comfortable return, because pleasure becomes self-satisfying and the need for a truth is formal.
You know, when they tell you how beautiful you are, how good you are, then turn to speak face to face with someone important?
Those moments hurt the sensibility like before an invasion and you feel practically at war with self-centered hypocrisy that he just turned his back on you.
No one is more important than the other and if we want peace we must create peace of mind for others too, around us so as not to do harm.
An infinity of words hurts. An infinity of words kills.
Few words will want to know who you are. Few words will tell you about love.
The very same few will define a hug. No one will ask you how you feel inside.
However, you believe in peace and justice for humanity.
The innocents dies on the streets, at work in front of the machinery
and in the countryside, or by criminal hand. There is no more security or peace!
Commitment to social policies vanishes in the smoke of firecrackers.
The innocent no longer have a voice. Let's defend life! Let's defend the innocent!
Don't be left with helpless hands! We who have made a complaint about our word we do not leave those most in need helpless. We write letters to the captains of the world.
They will hear voices if someone is not deaf. Life is a gift, peace is his right.
Do not waste the dreams of those who live on reality! The poet says nothing, however, he repeats himself and his voice multiplies
with the thought of him raising its echo to the sound of trumpets to heaven.
Silence is guilty of innocent deaths. The cry for life will never be sanctioned from a protest of the victims in the square, but it will be allowed by the applied law. Give us back life to the dreams of the innocent!
I bare my heart. For children torn or stolen. For the innocent dead.
For those drowned at sea. For human trafficking. For the sick with no cure.
For entrance blocks. For special people. For the poor. For the hungry.
For the thirsty. For the exploited. For those who live on the street.
For women with blood red shoes. For peace and against war.
For burnt or cut woods. For the debris scattered everywhere.
For the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. For flood victims. For damaged them.
For the unfortunate. For those guilty of nothing. For the victims of injustice.
Sometimes shoes break and the splinters stick into the flesh.
Sometimes life makes you kneel before an altar. You can't always be deaf to pain.
You wrap yourself in conscience and fight for the rights of others.
Being human is never a shame. What did you do right today?
Human, discover your heart to breathe the life and safeguard the peace.


Lidia Popa was born in Romania in the locality of Piatra Șoimului, in the county of Neamț, on 16th April, 1964. She finished her studies in Piatra Neamț, Romania with a high school diploma and other administrative courses, where she worked until she decided to emigrate to Italy. 

She has been living for 23 years and worked in Rome as part of the wave of intellectual emigrants since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
She wrote your first poem at her age of 7. She is a poet, essayist, storyteller, recognized in Italy and in other countries for her literary activities. She collaborates with cultural associations, literary cenacles, literary magazines and paper and online publications of Romanian, Italian and international literature. She writes in Romanian, Italian and also in other languages as an exercise in knowledge. 


She has published her poems in six books:
in Italy:
1. " Point different ( to be ) " - ed. Italian and
2." In the den of my thoughts ( Dacia ) " - ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Aletti Editore 2016,
3.“ Sky amphora " - ed. bilingual Romanian/ Italian Edizioni Divinafollia 2017,
in Romania:
4. " The soul of words" ed. bilingual Romanian/ Albanian Amanda Edit Verlag 2021,
5." Syntagms with longing for clover " ed. Romanian, Editura Minela 2021.
6." The Voice interior " Lidia Popa and Baki Ymeri ed. bilingual Romanian/Italian, Amanda Edit Verlag 2022.

Her poems featured in more than 50 literary anthologies and literary magazines on line from 2014 to 2023 in Italy, Romania, Spain, Canada, Serbia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Liban,USA,etc.
Her poems are translated into Italian, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Bangladesh, Portuguese, Serbian, Urdu, Dari, Tamil, etc.
Her writings are published regularly with some magazines in Romania, Italy and abroad.
She is a promoter of Romanian, Italian and international literature, and is part of the juries of the competitions.
She translates from classical or contemporary authors who strike for the refinement and quality of their verses in the languages: Italian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French, German, stating that "it is just a writing exercise to learn and evolve as a person with love for humanity, for art, poetry and literature ".

*Member of the Italian Federation of Writers (FUIS)
*Honorary member of the International Literary Society Casa Poetica Magia y Plumas Republic of Colombia,
*Member of Hispanomundial Union of Writers (Union Hispanomundial de Escritores) (UHE) and Thousands Minds For Mexico (MMMEX)
*President UHE and MMMEX Romania, August 21, 2021
*She had come power of attorney Vice-president UHE Romania, Mars18, 2021- August 21, 2021
*President UHE and MMMEX Romania, August 21, 2021
*Counselor from Italy for Suryodaya Literary Foundation Odisha India,
*Director from Italy for Alìanza Cultural Universal (ACU) Argentina
*Member Motivational Strips Oman,a member of numerous other literary groups at the level internationally,
*Director of Poetry and Literature World Vision Board of Directors (PLWV) Bangladesh
International Peace Ambassador of The Daily Global Nation International Independent Newspaper from Dhaka Bangladesh - 2023
*Founder literary group Lido dell'anima with LIDO DELL'ANIMA AWARDS
*Founder LIDO DELL'ANIMA Italian magazine
*Founder SILVAE VERBORUM INTERNATIONAL multilingual magazine
*Founder literary currently #homelesspoetry