Poetry from Linda Allen

David and Goliath

It was time to wash the hotel’s winter blankets

Don’t understand why though it is July

and super-duper hot

Grandma gave momma tons of quarters

Momma wouldn’t let me carry them

I was mad

Momma and I walked across the street with huge bundles of blankets in our arms

Momma started a load of blankets in the BIG washer

HEHEHE I could fit in there

Momma said she did not bring enough quarters,

she had like a bazillions

so I got to go back across the street alone

and get some more quarters

and carry them back

I skipped all the way to the end of the parking lot,

stood on the curb,

looked both ways checking for cars

to see if it was clear and it was

so I skipped off the curb and onto the street


Next thing I know I was on

to the ground and under a

sea green colored car


I tried to roll out from under the car

I had rolled slightly when the sea green car backed off me

and then pulled back onto me

my ankle feels weird so I move it when the car back off again

then the car pulled back onto me,

my hip and ribs


A lady gets out of the car freaking out, crying, and yelling,

I hear my momma running and yelling curse words

and “get the car off her baby”

Yay! Momma

I see an angel next to me and she said

“I took my eye off of you for one second because usually you don’t need me. I am sorry baby.”

Oh she pretty,

long blonde curly hair, pretty sparkling silver dress,

and silver glittery shoes, like Dorothy’s red ones

a black lady telling my mom, that when she was running,

she nearly took out her eye with her flip flops


Momma was cursing and telling the black lady

that she could care less about her flip flops

her baby was under that car

Oooooo, what’s that?

I see something spinning and turning under the car

It looks like David’s slingshot

from David and Goliath

I look at my angel,

Dorothy is what I will call her

she smiled and said something weird

I was David and I was about to be taken down by Goliath, but not defeated never defeated

Some of the people gathered around calmed my momma down

don’t know why she is freaking out and cursing

 they even got the lady to get back in her car and back off me

the lady backed off me and pulled back onto me again

 the people and my momma looked shocked

“This lady don’t know how to drive Dorothy”

I say to Dorothy

Dorothy smiles and says

“You’ll be fine baby. You are strong and this will only make to stronger. Christine is off you now. See.”

An old man with a hairy chest, like Daddy, and Momma came to my side

the old man walked right through Dorothy

the old man said “You be brave now child.”

and walked away

a very cute ambulance guy came to put me on a hard board thingy

then belted my neck in a thing

I don’t like this neck thing, it’s weird and my neck is fine

there was another guy with the cute ambulance guy,

but he sat in the back with me and Momma

“What kind of music do you like Linda?”

The cute one asked


the other guy turned on the radio

the song “Blue” by Leann Rimes was playing

I sang along

Not All Angels Wear White

She’s a best friend

She has dreams of a better life

She’s always available to listen

She saves my life

She’s an angel, but she doesn’t wear white

He has a family

He works hard to provide

His hands are scared, calloused, and worked to the bone

He saves countless lives

He’s an angel, but he doesn’t wear white

She a single teenage mom

She fights a battle every day

She struggles to survive and provide

She is raising a baby conceived by rape

She saved her and her baby’s life

She’s an angel, but she doesn’t wear white

Not all angels wear white and have halos

Not all angels know they are so

Not all angels had an easy life

Not all angels can fly

Not all angels are visible to the naked eye

Not all angels are called angels, they have countless other names

Hero/heroine, soldier, police, fire fighter, parent, best friend, survivor

What’s the name of the angel in your life?

Not all Angels wear white


If you hear

multiple voices in your head

carrying on

novel length conversations

No need to see

a doctor

no need to get alarmed

you have


or better known as


You may be a writer

take notes

be ready for a

wild roller coaster ride

You might be

a writer

could be worse

The Path

I see a path

I know where I need and want to go

The path is not straight

The path is not smooth

The path isn’t always clear or visible

The path is bumpy

The path is curvy

The path is dark and sometimes hidden

The path is unlike any other

The path has brick walls that need climbed

The path is rainy and wet

The path is sometimes lonely

I see my path

I know where I need and want to go

The path is mine and mine alone

The finish line is still out of range

I will reach the end

I will achieve my goals

Whether I have to walk, run, crawl, climb, jump, or swim

 I will not faltered from the path

 I will not stop

I will not give up

I will not fail

I see the path

I see and know my dreams

 I see the way I need to go

The path is not straight

The path is not smooth

The path is not always clear or visible

The path is not always easy

Forward I will go, ‘til forward is no more

This path is the way to my dreams

This is the path I must travel

Linda Allen is an American from Oklahoma who may be reached at lindaallen4119@att.net and welcomes comments and thoughts on her writing.