Essay from Lola Hotamova

Angel of Mercy

Mother is so great that no words can describe her. No one in the world can give the love that a mother gives. Because mother has a special magic that no other person has. Mother night - that day lives as my child. She raises us, washes and combs white, is ready to give up even her own sweet soul. Many poems and songs have been written about mothers. Tears come to the eyes after hearing them. A person who has a mother is the happiest person in the world. We may not be able to return the good things that mother has done to us in both worlds. 

Respect for our honorable and dear mothers in our country is boundless. An example of this is the widespread celebration of international Women's Day on March 8.

In honor of mothers, O'tkir Hashimov created the work "The affairs of the world" in honor of mothers. This is one of my favorite books l've ever read. In this century, O'tkir Hashimov wrote mainly about his mother.

Lola Hotamova was born on May 7,2009 in the village of Khanabad, Bukhara region. She studies in the 8th grade of the 43rd general education school in Jondor district. Poems of the young poetess were first published in 2019 in the "Zhondor ovozi" newspaper. Later, she began to appear in newspapers and magazines such as " Gulkhan", "Ezgulik", " Yangiyer tongi", " Bilimdon", "Smile". Her books "Source of power", "I love my country", "Shy rabbit" have been published.