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Sleeping Beauty


O my darling, don’t be so silly

how long will you be silent

in this sleepy world

I am very hungry

burning my heart,  am always trembling

all the beauties are hidden in this dark light

falling down and dying, find me no more

I know your silence calls me

to move, touch your body

please look at me, a helpless poor lover

my broken heart always fails to do any task

please look at me,  burning my soul and body

there no response without kissing

then started kissing and waking up from bed

you held me with your beautiful eyes.



Into Your Love Folder



Hide me into your love folder

I want to live in your every file and page

Where I find only love sentences

From the very time of my birth

Deprived of the right of love

Haunting me to get in touch I like to

Please grant me and start your job

Not bleeding and destroying the walls

I want to reach you

Please open the pages

I am mad of your isles                     

Permit me your heart to go through

Or how can I be exposed to

Like a baby I would like to lie

On the body and enjoy

Passing days and nights with the flow of sighs

Spark the light we see each other.



Barrier around  me


Its a barrier around me

can not cross the bar

I am fazed

fearsome actions appear to be dreadful

stops my role on the stage

What I watch on the screen

read out the pages of the papers

piles of death every day every moment

O leaders of the world

what you do for us?

we are here on earth to live

not to hate or get hurt or death

but the earth whispers into our ears

to go away from here, from there

where should we escape?

no strait answer

try to find a place living safe and sound

expect to move foreword

welcome to face the challenges to reach our goal

by overcoming all the Black Art

causing crimes, war and death.



I Know Not


I know not where I am

what I do, what I not

only to eat and sleep

go to office, come back home

do some duties to the family

such and such  ——

this way or that

soaring higher to sky

travelling from land to land

 from ocean to ocean

discovered and invented many items

of many cities and devices

now with innovative brain

people are trying more and more

But it is I who know nothing about

what I should do what I not

breaks my heart with a question within

am I human or other than this?



A  Question on Love


We are very particular to our jobs

but what will it be if there is any gap?

we must show cause to our boss

when the matter is following love

if there is any missing

regarding a continuous dialogue

between the flowing waves of the river?

the room may be at a deadlock

there may be seen a crack on the rock

all the arrangements  may fall down to the ground

then you can see a canal

on the smooth way of love road

no sand or soil can fill the break

no repairmen found to regain

only the sky and the ground

reflecting the past before eye

 frustrate, moan or cry over night after night

wetting the pillows and covers of bed

all seem to be dull and hazy

then what is the meaning of love, dear friend


The Stage Players


My two daughters are playing with dolls

they play with them as tools

arrange so many ceremonial jobs

they make them ready for marriage

one is bride and another a bridegroom

take one for a son

and the other for daughter

how wonderful they decorate the room

a complete work to celebrate them

I see and laugh, fill my heart

what a wonder! what a life!

we are always performing the same

the stage players. 

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