Poetry from Mahbub

When Green Fades


When a wife, Snigdha Sarkar Dipa Kills her husband, Rathis Chandra Vhowmic and plays their adultery or sex game with her lover, Kamrul Islam through out the whole night—

When Beauty, a name of a young girl raped and killed by the rapists and her dead body found in the green field where the national flag symbolizes the color of her with the natural beauty ——-

When a competition goes on the high ways and snatches away one hand of Rajib and after struggling some days in the hospital with life dies on the hospital bed, when the other day Najim Uddin run over by the speedy bus in the same case ——

Not only that

When every day at least ten or fifteen people die in the road accidents —–

When people are yet begging from door to door

When today our daily Newspapers publish fifty suspected drug peddlers killed in the gunfights across the country in the last ten days —–

And MPs are advised to buy expensive mobile sets from the govt. fund —–

And we celebrating and broadcasting to be developed or developing one

And that Stock Market falling down regularly, for this depression of the investors losing all the money bring down in the darkness of the night not to move, not to die, though even many died by themselves. People are groping and rushing under the shade of the banyan tree and their eyes fixed on the green fields that mark the national flag —–when and where the farmers are very busy with their cultivation. We always miss the glory of the color, green.





My  Sleeping Cat



O my cat, why are you sleeping

In the morning sun and shade on my roof?

The sun is going to be so hot but

You don’t have the sense of cold or hot

Deep in sleep as though you never slept

You make me think the days when

I was in depth of sleep like you

Having no attention for timetable

After waking from bed

I felt so fresh to the eyes and heart

I am sure you enlightened your eyes for love and care

And it is for the whole night you guarded your surroundings

And did your job burning the eyes as the lover’s red sparking those

O my loving cat, you are my love mate, love is sleep like

Show me the path to go ahead

With the passionate eyes throughout the whole night

Love is peace; love is sleep lying side by side.




In Chain


When I see your face

I can imagine a light

When I reach your home

I can think for rest

When I see the marks on your wrist

I can think for devotion

A sanctuary where I want to be regular to serve

When you make a journey

I can think of the life you led

I always try to struggle with me

To travel from this to that new

But I see myself always in chain

Not to move in the open sky, on the land or water

Always in chain.





I raised my head towards the sky

The sky is so high

Then kept my eyes down to the ground

Where only grass and soil lay vast

To the horizon – the mixing point

The ground and the sky

I found another sign of joy

There goes long and high

A thin branch of a tree

Separated from others seem to dance in the breeze

The leaves spreading a light

A glow to my eyes

Souring higher and surrounding the earth

A shelter to have a rest for joy

I am the branch separated from others

Make my songs and play on my tune

Just at the time the heart to dance

I find myself hidden to the bush

Only birds cry. 



Football, Another Name of Heart


The heart is like a football

You play with

Again the football is like a sun

You burned with

Look before you kick

Don’t try to maze the eyes

You can shoot the ball to the goal post

A source of joy for the audience

A joy for the love I wish you desire

I must be the one of your shooting point target

You play with me

The world will appear then

The new sunny morning with the new dewy scented rose

We both open the door

You, I and the new born one

I like to stick to for ever and for ever

Take a great attention before the kick

Take care dear or get lost.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh