Poetry from Mahbub

South Asian man with a gray suit and a white collared shirt and a green and black tie. He has glasses and short black hair.

The Floating Humanity

The floating humanity on the ocean

Starving for long time

Listless and die only drinking water

Somebody can flee from the jaws of death

Avoiding the guard on the border line

Some are hiding themselves in residence

Virus, virus and virus all around

The roads, the localities and the provinces of the countries

Industries and factories, offices and shops, bars and restaurants

All are closed in lockdown

Humanity fleeing away from ideology may dive in unsteadiness

Nature takes a new shape with its spring flowers and branches

On the other side

They float or rot

Can eat or starve to die out

Sound low or loud

Not a hand you see on head to calm down

The eyes close down in sigh

The souls flying higher and higher live in peace forever

And never come back to make you sorry anymore

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


If I Live One Day More

If I live one day more

I would like to utter one word more Love

Blazing the heart forever

How I spend the days?

If I live some days more

I urge on care and support

You are my holy hunt

If I can go one step more

I want to reach you dear

My long nourished rose

Sweet fragrance and petals

A joy and fervor

In the midst of life and death

If I live one day more

Like to sing the songs soothing the painful heart

Shaking my hand with you

Embracing all around if I live one day more.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Corona Ghost

The ghost is all around me

Meet me in sleep

Walk in fear of this

Every day and night

Appears to be a monstrous figure

Sits by me and devours in a second

Jump on the bed, the unrest heart cries in deep

Going outside I watch the birds’ calling

With the fluffy feathers

Come on to me

Taking food and water

Go back to the nest

On the branches of the tree, beak into the beak

My heart leaps up with joy

Again when I go to bed

Watch the news of deaths

The ghost Corona disturbs the mind

More than it’s supposed to be.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Hand in Hand

I consign myself here at this place

Not besetting guilty horror

The lights in the pages

Morning songs of the birds

The sunrise breeze I walk over

With the sweet scent of roses

And collecting the nyctanthes

Under the tulips – my graceful state

Facing the challenges to kindle the heart 

I find myself in your hand

No colony war overhangs there

We must fight the war

Not leaning the head sideways

Following the promise head and heart.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


My State

You are my state I live in

The marshy land, the thick forest

My sweet heart, all you have made promise

I visit every day I wish

You are my part of thought, my loving world

I love and proceed

Peace of mind, heart-felt moon light

Journey over the lands

States after the states

A world over the world

I fly over and over

O my sweet heart, my joys.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


A Strenuous Reaching

Can we count the deaths before the eyes?

A matter of thinking over how many they are

This scaring sight from my birth never been seen

The world now totally hung on

The string under the roof tight in the basket

An effort to survive

The sky confused with thundering and clouds dazzling the eyes

Snatching out the soul

A light on the dark, a realization on

The humanity bargaining with the responsibility

How can this be designed?

A strenuous recycling in reaching.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Turn Aside

It stopped raining

The clouds are roaring

Darker and darker it seems to be all along

People stuck with corona

Mask has been the most wanted robe

To meet you in and outside home

Made us each feel like a ghost

The hazy outward, crossing the uneven grisly path

Life is not fit for coming forth

Who cares? —-

All turn away from the maze, the crooked world.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


The Heart Zoomed in

Why does stress make nest on us?

Unsafe breathing taking all over the world

Zoomed the heart in

Flows in fluctuation

The world fever

Live and die

Die and live

Walk and lie

Lie and walk

O fumigating earth —

Would you be able to make us all cheer-up?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


A Cluster of Golden Clouds

The afternoon clouds glowed with the soft sliding sun

In the north sky

The golden light reflecting on the cluster of the cloud

Kissed my face

Enlightened and resolved my heart

For the time being but lasting forever

A soft heavenly breeze all inside outside

Foreshadows tomorrow morning

The sunflower light in its recycling wind

The scented jasmines – the world’s plight.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


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