Poetry from Mahbub


To Have a Finger In Every Pie


It was summer’s rain

You came to me blowing soft wind

I became cold from burning coal

Firing and the body was burning

The world seemed to be hazy

Mind crazy

It is you who came to me

Gift me a life

My eyes got power to see

When you kept your eyes on me

Hold me my body tight

made me soft and mild

my heart to beat high

I was trembling with joy

I saw through the whole world

When you fully started to —-

I saw nothing but the colourful —-

It was you my love, my sense,

That I had a finger in every pie.



The depth you placed in my heart


The depth you placed in my heart

I wonder here on land

It strikes my head

Pains my body

I find and try to reach

But in vain

Then I float on the blue water of the ocean

The water I see, can’t drink

I want to ——

But not to be able to —–

I fail I fail

I see the hell

My heart has been broken

My eyes obsolete

Make my head dizzy

I was about to fall on the ground

At the same time a shadow stood before me

I stand with my strong waist

I tried to revive

Looked over head

The sky was blue

Not a piece of cloud there

Most of them joined the green

Others sank into the brown

I with my bare foot and leg

Tagged in and started to voice loud.



A Trick Was There


What a trick  there was trapped in the place!

slaps poured on us like drops of rain

Made me tremble and fear round

Darkness fell on my eyes

I could hardly see anything

A friend of mine called on me

I at once responded and rushed to her

It was not a matter of any other purpose

Only to meet and know the condition of

When we sat down to talk each other

Suddenly three rascals entered and

Began to slap on both of our face

We started to cry out and for some time more

They went with their tyranny

They bargained and demanded some money

Or they will blame for other purpose

By playing false trial

I was thundered and told them to give what they like to

But we wanted to survive

At that they agreed and got us relief

Now at this time when I recollect I think

If I am alright or totally vanished!



A Glow of Light


A glow of light reflects on

I fight for a long time

To overcome the struggle

Sometime I die again strive

Not it is there the roses all the way

Bloody and cracked path

I have to pass

It breaks and makes me tired to rise

But I fight, stand up to struggle

A  glow of light reflects in the west

That I try to enjoy a long since.





O My Lord


In this holly night

Don’t pass away in vain

Raise your hands

In this holy night

I say to my mind

And said by Him

Want from Me what you like

You are my soul

I am tinged of You, O my Allah

I who am a sinner, a dark person

Not to be able to do good to me and others

Please pardon me and all of us

In the world to lead our life

In peace and happy

I am a person, you’re my Lord

I want your kind eye to enlighten my path

I am here with this bare hand

Crying to You, please hear me

Grant my prayer, O my Lord.