Poetry from Mahbub Alam

Middle aged South Asian man with short brown hair, reading glasses, a white, blue, and yellow collared short, and dark slacks standing in front of a lake with bushes and trees.

The Play of Politics

Is politics only a play or game?
A play between a snake and a weasel
Or a tiger and a deer
The ruling and the opposition party
A continuous process over time and place
A struggle for power and pelf
In the name of democracy, the commoners cheated
But who wins the race?
Nature - set up with its own beauty and style
We cannot but charm to look at the sight
It is the twenty four hours round system
On the other side 
What do we do for democracy?
After a long line of death, a government takes place
System built, system violated
In this dire situation, so much blood shed
The experiences we gather break the heart 
Time opens its gate for some
Time takes some confined to bed
Politics runs with the toes of tigers or lions
Lambs and deer run so fast to escape.

Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
28 October, 2023

Flash Flood and Firing

It was no rainfall last year here
Too hot in the summer in this year than so many years last
Nowadays it scarcely rains in the rainy season 
When it rains, rains days together
As the meteor shower in the atmosphere at the clear night sky
The warmth makes the body of the earth sometimes imbalanced
It burns somewhere in the forest 
The animals turn into like the burning coal in the fireplace
Again flash flood without any precaution
Inundates the homes and the croplands for sudden rainfall
Or melting the iceberg leaving hundreds and thousands of people 
In hunger, suffering from many diseases
How can we protect the world from being destroyed day by day?
Though so many meetings are called every year
Is there any result? 

Chapainawabganj,  Bangladesh
29 October, 2023

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