Poetry from Maheshwar Das

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Life after life, birth after birth 
We are rolling here 
carrying all the passion 
All the miseries and small happiness 
in our lonely breasts.
With so much pain and remorse 
Forgetting everything about the real truth 
With so much pain, so many miseries. 
We wallow in mud and mire
Without thinking about our true nature  
Our original mission.
We forget that we are a guest 
For the time being 
In this mortal field.
We have to leave this place one day. 
Our mission here is to earn a divinity 
Which is the only thing we will carry 
to the other world.

Our mission is to achieve 
divinity during this lifetime. 
Our mission is not to amass material wealth 
fame and ephemeral properties. 
But the permanent bliss and happiness. 
It will pass this mortal hemisphere and will be radiant 
in the other world free from all 
bondage of material field.


I remember meeting with you was accidental.
It was a nice coincidence.
Now I could not think of a life without you.
God has sent an angel like you.
To set my life purposefully
Thus you have become an essential person to me
I know what I have gained.
Need not to elaborate 
Sometimes life changes so quickly 
through companionship
A sweetness of life has begun with you.
One thing is sure, there is a flow of verses.
And you  have become the theme of my poem
For, you yourself is a beautiful poem.
With your nice eyes and cascading hair
 And flower-like soft gaze


Everywhere Nature is smiling with a rhythmical spell.
Everywhere is heard its supreme music.
As Nature opens its face in the eyes of the dawn, the leaves and creepers dazzle in aureate sunshine.
The dew drops glitter like pearls in the grass.

The birds flutter in the sky in groups with chorus leaving their rhythmic verse in the breast of time.
The buzzing of bees and insects creates a magical rhythm.
The flowers in spring dance in the sweet breeze in a rhythmic way.
The whisper of the vernal wind is mesmerizing and enthralling. 

The rustle of branches and leaves is soft and vibrating.
The flower opens silently with a rhythmic note creating a soft vibration in the air.
The sea with its dancing waves creates a beautiful symphony all the time.
It vibrates the shore enlivening, and invigorating the pristine earth with new energy and life.

The magical autumnal moon looks enchanting. In the rainy season, there is a beautiful movement of the clouds.
The raindrops create a rhythmic sound on the leaves and creepers.
All the heavenly bodies like the sun, stars, and planets all exist and move in a rhythmic vibration of forces.

The eternal subtle relationship between different creations is called rhythm and they cling to each other.


I have visualised the glory of boundless love in you.
Your eyes gleam of pure love.
That never wants anything in return.
I appreciate your belief in love.
If love is lust, the essence of love is lost.
In love, we just maintain a makeshift way. 
It ends with a casual life.
In most cases, love is not transported to a superior level
Love dies much before it blooms.
It dies with the disappearance of the body.
It destroys in body's level.
Love ceases its divinity.


Maheshwar Das is a bilingual poet, translator, editor, and story writer. He writes in English and Odia language.
He has been pursuing his creative writing for the last twenty years and has authored more than one thousand English poems. All of his poetical exposition centres around Nature, God,   love, and relationships. Some of his poems have been translated into international languages. He has co-authored three English anthologies of poems with his two friends.  Besides he is the co-author of more than fifty English anthologies of poems of many literary groups.
He holds the degree of M.A. in both Economics and History. He has accomplished a Ph.D.  degree in sociology from Utkal University. He also holds a law degree from M.S. Law College, Cuttack. He hails from Mallipur in the district of Cuttack, Odisha, India.
His English poems have been published in several national and international journals and Anthologies and have gained worldwide appreciation. He has received so many accolades from various national and international literary groups. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal award from the World Union of Poets, Rome.

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